Fios (1gb) + Google wifi/Mesh - GB Switch

Hi - just switched from Optimum and am really happy with everything about Fios!  I really like to hardwire everything if I can but I was hoping to get some advice if I'm doing this most efficiently.  In short, I'm wondering if I should:

a) go from the Verizon router to Google Nest puck (2200) to a GB switch; or

b) go from the Verizon router to the GB switch to the Google puck (2200).

Here are some more details.

- Verizon Fios Router/modem - Gb service and it's one of those new white towers which I believe is WiFi 6 compatible (triple play)

- 5 Google Mesh pucks (3-2200s and 2-1200s); 2200 is the main router

- TP-Link 8-port GB Switch (TL-SG1008D)

I like to hardwire to the devices in close proximity (maybe this is overkill)...TiVo Vox Bolt = Sony 930E Android TV + Firestick + 3 more devices.  

I'm wondering if you had any advice...

- what would be the optimal configuration

- Should I disable the Verizon wifi network and just use my Google network?

- anything else I should consider?

thank you!

Re: Fios (1gb) + Google wifi/Mesh - GB Switch
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The way you set them up looks fine. Google Nest WiFi is difficult to configure and lacks documentation. Verizon equipment is nicer in terms of configurability.

You have 5 packs? You must have paid over $500? For this large scale, it is better to go with Cisco solutions or Aruba Networks.