Fios 2.4 Ghz problem: keeps becoming unconnectable; what to do?


Please advise how to fix this problem. Fios 2.4 Ghz randomly becomes unconnectable but is still visible. Must restart to fix. Will eventually randomly become unconnectable again (days later?).

Important symptoms and problem:

  • We use a security video doorbell that can only connect to 2.4 Ghz, not 5 Ghz
  • I have a Kindle e-reader that can only connect to 2.4 Ghz, not 5 Ghz
  • Our Fios 2.4 Ghz randomly "goes out" and is a visible network to all devices but is not connectable; it is fine after router is reset

Other pertinent information:

  • We live in townhomes in a highly populated suburban area (Columbia, MD), and Verizon Fios is very common for neighbors to have.
  • Fios 5 Ghz is always working.
  • We have an internet-connected DVD/Bluray player that also connects us to Netflix, Hulu, etc. It is connected to the router by wire.
  • We have two iPhones, one iPad, and various computers that connect to the network at different times, but generally default to 5 Ghz now because 2.4 Ghz is so unreliable.
  • Sometimes when it's not connectable, I get an error with the login credentials (Kindle mostly?). Sometimes I get an error that says "cannot connect" (computers mostly?).

Why this is important to us:

  • We can't go on vacation and rely on our security devices (video doorbell) because the 2.4 Ghz will randomly stop working and the doorbell will be useless
  • It's really annoying to find an appropriate time to restart the router just so I can get a new book on my Kindle. "Hey everyone, stop watching TV (Netflix); wife, stop working online, everyone stop doing homework, stop everything else, no music streaming; gotta connect my Kindle!"
  • We pay a lot of money for "quality" internet access, so our expectation is that that money paid means we will not have a recurring, crippling problems like this.

Furthermore, I don't have the time or patience to spend a couple of hours over multiple days talking with Support just to be told to restart the router, and "Oh it worked; is there anything else I can do for you today?"

If anyone is aware of a real fix, I would greatly appreciate all help.

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Community Leader

It is possible that there is channel interference. You can try changing the channel from auto to 1, 6, or 11. They are the 3 channels on 2.4 Ghz that don’t interfere with each other. There are wifi analyzer apps you can try download to see which channel has the least interference.