Fios - Apple Extreme - Networking

Currently my network is configured as 

Fios Cable runs into my basement and splits to first floor  Verizon Fios Router with network functions turned off. and DVR in Basement 

 PS4 is Hardwired to Fios Router. static Ip and ports open

 Airport Extreme hard wired to Fios Router

 Mac Mini Hard wired to Airport extreme. static IP

The Airport Extreme is creating a Wireless network used by multiple mobile devices for main, second and third floor. 

Airport Express set to bridge mode in my basement to extend network to 

 - Apple TV hard wired to Airport Express 

I want to move my PS4 to my basement but connection is not stable enough for gaming so I want to reconfigure and need advise how to make the set up work. 

Fios cable runs into the basement and directly to Verizon router and dvr

Playstation hardwired to verizon router

Verizon router Network function stay on.

Airport Extreme extends verizon network on first floor. 

Mac Mini, Apple TV Printer and various phones and devices opperate on wireless network

Airport Express Extends verizon network to third floor.

thanks for any advise

Re: Fios - Apple Extreme - Networking
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Hi there, how many Verizon routers do you have?

Is there a Verizon router currently, in the basement? 

If so, I would recommend hard-wiring your PS4 to the router in the basement, or moving your router to the basement, so you are able to hardwire the connection. Hope this helps.