Fios Bundle with Wireless - Nightmare introduction - Customer Support Awful

After being a Fios customer since 2007, we decided to cut our tv service but keep gigabit ethernet. Due to the special running where you save more by bundling wireless service, we opted to port 4 lines over. I am already starting to regret this move because customer service was TERRIBLE on both sides.

FIRST: I called Wireless sales and was told by 2 sales reps that we could take advantage of the 69.99 gigabit deal with bundling our wireless service and using autopay. I was told we should order the wireless service first, then call Fios to make the changes on our account (and yes, I told them we were existing Fios customers). We could also take advantage of the Apple One plan included with the service. I was told we could easily upgrade to 2 TB storage on iCloud and it would match our existing plan with the add'l storage. NOT TRUE. Calling apple we had to cancel our old subscription and then add icloud+ on the Apple side and pay for icloud+ separately. When I placed the order customer service said all we needed to do to change over to Verizon was turn off Find my iPhone and power the phone down (phones were unlocked and it was confirmed they were ready to port). All four iphones then went to SOS. 

NEXT: We went to a Verizon store and the guy there told us NO,  that is not how it happens, there was another setting in "cellular". Plus one of the phones had not ported over at all. Ultimately they fixed it, but said this wasn't the first time customers were given the wrong info by the online reps.

THIRD: Setting up my account to be able to see both wireless and Fios seemed relatively easy, HOWEVER there are issues with the Safari browser for certain options (like verifying email address). Now, unless I put in, I do NOT see my home account along with wireless. Logging into just shows wireless only. Terrible navigation.

FOURTH: After the phone issues were addressed, I called Fios to get rid of my tv service and take advantage of the 10 year lock and the reduced gigabit ethernet price.  After 45 minutes with customer support refusing to let me speak directly to a supervisor, I was told that was only for new customers. So basically a 20+ year loyal customer must pay more even though we just handed Verizon more business?! I was deceived into taking a deal that I now regret. While on the phone (for now almost 90 minutes) they arranged for the new service and I told them several times "We do NOT need a router, we own our own router."

FIFTH: Next day, I get a big box shipped and it's a router. Calling customer service I now have to take it to a UPS store. This simple request took over 45 minutes and that was with about a 2 minute wait. Calling on the Fios side, the chat support sent me to sales, then to wireless, then to Fios. 15 min in before I was connected to the right person after stating up front in the chat that this was a Fios call.

Now all I get when messaging customer service directly is a passing of the buck. Wireless says the issue is with Fios and Fios says there's nothing they can do. This is FALSE advertising, and it's clear to me that the online sales people on the wireless side were either misinformed or saying whatever they needed to say to close the deal. This whole mess has taken over 7 hours of my time and paying more as a loyal customer than new customers. Terrible customer service all around, and this issue should be escalated so that more people are deceived during these promotions.

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Hi emotpix1,

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