Fios - Claiming you need new equipment

This happened to me and also my sister this week.  Suddenly, since our contracts end this month, chat agents tried to claim that my bill was going up $100 because my "equipment is outdated and will no longer work without new boxes and new router".  After trying to add $100 to my bill (not to mention taking away HBO and Showtime and a bunch of other channels ), I logged off and called in. The next rep told me he has no clue what they were talking about, and that I could continue with my current equipment and to renew my same plan would only be $40 more (although I'm **bleep** that my contract goes up $40, and I lose HBO, Showtime, and other channels because my plan is "no longer available".).

SO I have gone back and forth with reps and each time the story changes depending on who I talk to .  One rep even told me "You can keep your current deal, and renew and all will be the same, just confirm email".  Once I went to email, they tried to be slick and change my plan to "Sports And Entertainment".

That being said.. my sister also called and they tried the SAME THING... telling her she needed new equipment and the old equipment will no longer work.  They went as far as removing her DVR capabilities after the phone call which makes to make it look like it no longer worked.  This is ABSURD because what changed within the day that suddenly the older equipment does not work???   FIOS is a bunch of scam artists.  I alwasy knew this... but Optimum in my area is bad... but I've had it.

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