Fios Download Speed

Anyone on the fios 1 gig download speed plan? I usally average between 500-600 Mbps. No big deal cos I'm still on the promotion and at that speed what's the use of arguing for a couple more download speed. But if Verizon promises you 1 gig download, that's how much you should be getting.

Re: Fios Download Speed

Verizon states “up to” 940/880

they do not guarantee 1028/1028 

no company will give a sustainable speed you are asking for.

Re: Fios Download Speed
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Community Leader

Couple of things:

1) Speed is only guarantee as access to Verizon network. Way to confirm your speed is to test to

2) If you are seeing this on wifi, that may be all you can get. Make sure any testing is done via a wired connection.

3) Can be the remote site that is slow, intermediate networks, or even your end device may only be able to download that fast.