Fios Extender wcb6200q & 1100 gateway

I have a dead spot where I just upgraded to Fios tv one WiFi recirvers. so I decided to buy the Fios extender wcb6200q. The 1100 is conected over Ethernet & Coax to the ONT. Extender setup was easy, just plugging it into existing coax. After 10 min the extender would receive a copy of the ssid information from the 1100 to the extender. Now my devices drop conection. I loose internet all together. Router has unregistered it self from my Fios app saying serial number is invalid. Support was not any help. Ive played with WiFi channels, power reduction, etc. I’ve gone from amazing service to spotty service. Fios said that the new WiFi boxes only work with the quantum Gateway or extender due to hidden ssid. 

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