Fios Extremely Slow internet performance

I am getting terrible internet performance.  I have my own router a tenda ac1200.  Has been working great for 4 months.  Now I am getting 1-2kb up and 1-2kb down.  Nothing has changed with my network.  Called verizon and got the run around for 4 hours.  My FIOS package is internet only 50\50.

Wired and Wi-Fi connection have the same issue, slow.  I have rebooted my router, changed channels, reset the FIOS hardware via the internet.  I have reset my router.  Speed tests are incorrect, according to Verizon's online test I am getting 70\30.  However the test don't even finish or they will get hung and just pop out random high speeds.  Is there anything more I can do. I am not looking forward to another 4 hour showdown with Verizon.    

Re: Fios Extremely Slow internet performance
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Are you able to plug in directly without the router? any other router/switch you can try with? If all your testing has been with, i would try and eliminate that as a factor.

Also, there should be two speeds on the fios test - one to your router/modem (don't remember exactly) and one to your device - can you tell us what the results are (assuming both complete)?

Any router updates/upgrades?