Fios G1100 router drops wifi/internet connection on wireless devices
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Ever since I was upgraded to the new G1100 FIOS router last year, I've had frequent wireless connection issues.

On my Windows 10 laptop, it often loses internet/wifi connection.  Examining the network, it shows that it is still connected to the SSID, but states "no internet connection".  It has no access at this point.  It usually occurs after the PC has come out of sleep mode, or after a period of no activity.  I can easily reconnect by simply disconnecting from the SSID and reconnecting.

I have another Windows 10 laptop where this never happens.  Both devices use DHCP.

I also have a HP printer that frequently loses connection to wifi.  In order to get the connect restored, I either have to disable and then re-enable wifi on the printer, or sometimes reboot.  The printer is set with a static IP address.

This is very annoying and never happened with the previous router.

Any ideas, and is there a newer FIOS router that I should consider?

Thanks in advance.


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Community Leader

Since the problem is with WiFI devices, turn off SON (self organizing network).

Good Luck.