Fios Gateway Router with Network Extenders Not Replicating WiFi Network

I can't get my two Fios Network Extenders (WCB6200Q) to replicate the WiFi Network established on my Fios Gateway Router (G1100). Both extenders broadcast their default networks and on those networks I have internet access. Both extenders are also listed as devices on my Router's network (the one I want replicated). I've followed the troubleshooting steps in the user's manual for the extender, which is a simple power cycle, and have had no success. I've also tried:

1) Rebooting the router with the extenders

2) Rebooting the ONT with the router and extenders

3) Conducting a hard reset on the router and extenders and rebuilding the network

Nothing I can think of seems to work. I'm inclined to think that either:

1) the router is faulty

2) the coaxial running through the house has such a large signal loss that the router is unable to grant permissions to the extenders for the network

Neither of these make total sense though because the network was being replicated when it was first installed and only failed when the fiber to my house was cut.

I hope somebody has ideas of things to try or some advanced network setting I don't know about before I throw out all this crumby fios equipment and just start using WiFi repeaters vice MoCa extenders.