Fios Internet - Setting up Moca adapters with personal router

Hi -

I just got my Fios internet installed today and I am using my own router connected via ethernet to the ONT.  It is an Amplifi HD router and it seems to be working fine.  

I have two motorola moca adapters 2.5 that I am trying to connect, with no success so far.  Here is how I plugged things in:

2 moca adapters:

Ethernet Lan Port on Router -----> Ethernet port on Moca Adapter 1

Network Coax on Moca Adapter 1 --------->  Network Coax on Moca Adapter 2 (in another room, direct coax run)

Ethernet on Moca Adapter 2 ----------->  Computer 

No internet connection on the computer.  I am not sure how else to try to set this up.  I was told with Moca adapters (2 minumum) you can use with any router.

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