Fios Modem Return Problems
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Help regarding "lost" returns with Fios equipment:

Long story here but I'll keep it to the point: I returned an Fios modem given to me by the verizon store to "try out" that didn't work. I used the label Verizon had supplied and shipped it via UPS, who stated they delivered it to "SOF  left on dock". 1.5 Months later, Verizon still says they never got it, and automatically debited an additional $200 out of my bank account with my next monthly bill.

Did a conference call with Verizon and UPS, but was told unless I could tell them (both) the exact address where I sent it, there was nothing they could do. Return address was not on the Drop-Off receipt I was given by UPS, and the tracking on the UPS web site only gave city and state. Verizon didn't know the address for return so I was out of luck all the way around. BUT I found the address  through some supply chain researching so if any of you are in a similar situation, here is the address:

Fios contracts through Verizon so it actually gets sent to THEIR headquarters in Pennsylvania. (Verizon returns go to 4801 Mercantile Drive Building 17 Fort Worth Texas 76190). The Fios  modem return address is 8620 Condgon Hill Drive, Alburtis  Pennsylvania 18011.  Hope this helps any of the rest of you who are having "lost packages" with Fios returns.

For the record, it DID get figured with Verizon after over an hour call with a helpful and persistent Verizon agent named Benito and I DID get a $200 credit for my upcoming cell phone bill. There is hope 🙂

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