Fios Network Extender Coax light is never on

Recently took a FNE from my parents that I bought them a year ago, to put in my new apartment. I like to have hardwired connection in when I’m playing on console, I tried hooking it up in the living, and when hooked up the FNE everything lights up except for the coax. there is a WiFi connection(2.4/5G) but if I tried putting the the Ethernet in to it then in ps4 there is no internet connection. I’m trying to not run a Ethernet cord from one side of the apartment to the other. Can anyone help me this? 

Re: Fios Network Extender Coax light is never on
Community Leader
Community Leader

Several questions:

What's the model of your FNE? Is it Gen 1 (WCB3000N) or Gen 2 (WCB6200Q)?

Did you purchase it from Verizon?

To where does the other end of the coax cable connect? A router? What is the model of the router? G3100 or G1100?