Fios ONT: No Internet with Router, but slow internet when connected directly to computer

TLDR: Fios router has a solid yellow light when plugged into ONT.  No internet when ONT is plugged into router.  When connected directly to computer, internet works, but is very slow.

A couple days ago, we had a thunderstorm.  At some point a large lightning strike caused the power to briefly go off and on.  Shortly after, I noticed we had no internet access on our network, wired or wifi.  The router had a solid yellow light.  I attempted to restart both the router and the ONT, but that did not work. 

I contacted Verizon support, who led me through the typical restart, share the camera, etc routine.  Nothing worked.  They suggested the router was faulty and sent me a new one.  I received that router today and after setting it up, it ended up having a solid yellow light as well.   Repeated the call to Verizon support who came to the same conclusion as the last agent, but this time I could go pick up a new router from the store.  Again, did the installation process, but all it led to was another solid yellow light.

Contacted support again and they tried some other things, but we did find that connecting the ethernet cable directly from the ONT to a computer allowed that computer to connect to the internet, but with drastically reduced speeds.  I have a gigabit plan, but the speed when connected directly to the ONT was somewhere around 50-70Mbps down and 90-100Mbps up.  I also noticed that while the ONT was connected to the router, the Data light was not on.  However, when the ONT was connected to the computer directly, the Data light was solid green.

We thought it might be a cable issue, so I found another ethernet cable and ran it from the ONT to the router, but still we were left with the solid yellow light.  Keep in mind, this is the 2nd new router they provided to me.  It does not seem to be a hardware issue with the router and the ethernet cable doesn't seem to be the issue as a new one didn't work with the router either.

While they are sending out a technician, I was hoping someone in this community might be able to assist me with this in the meantime.

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Is your router fried by the thunder?

Or there might be a broken PON line from the rain.