Fios Quantum Gateway issue with DVR/Set-top boxes

Hello All,

Has anyone experienced any problems with there Gateway router not connecting properly with there VMS?

I tried installing the router December 22nd, it was up and running with wifi and internet access, but it would not connect my DVR/set-top boxes correctly. I had to spend a total of 4+ hours on the phone 3 different tech support agents and 12+ hours with 2 different onsite tech support agents from December 23- December 29th and the issue still hasnt been resolved. 

I decided to cancel the gateway router and use my old router becuase i do not want to waste anymore of my time trying to fix something that is supposed to be plug and play. 

It has been a very disappointing and displeasing experience this whole week and it ruined my Christmas. And i was also not compensated for the time that i had to spend, on the 23rd, 24th, 27th and 29th either on the phone or with onsite agents. I had to take the time off of work and part of my time after work on Christmas Eve to try and fix this issue which has not been resolved and end up having to go back to the router that i originally was using in the first place.

Re: Fios Quantum Gateway issue with DVR/Set-top boxes

Having the same issues - have you been able to get them resolved?  Very frustrated!