Fios Technician Stole My Book

Yes. You read that correctly. A book.

The Fios technician had to crawl around the floor and drill by the nightstand in my bedroom to run wiring through the wall. He was in my room briefly as I worked from home in my livingroom, less than 50 feet away. He made sure to vacuum the mess he made, spackled the first hole he drilled in my wall that didn't work out the way he had hoped, put my rather large and heavy dresser back in place for me, made sure my desk lamp didn't tip over when we had to move it, walked me through my account set up, told me he knew my next door neighbor from 18 years ago when they worked at Verizon together, shook my hand goodbye....

After he left, I went back to my office. When I came home, I realized the Nice Guy Technician had swiped the book I was actively reading every night for the last two weeks off of my night stand and - get this - put another book in its place. I was reading The Green Mile by Stephen King (lovely, by the way). I put my cell phone on top of the book every night before bed so the phone vibrating wouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night. He took that book, then took another paperback (Hannibal by Thomas Harris, absolute garbage as far as I'm concerned) out of its place, smushed the book ends back together as though nothing were missing, and put Hannibal in The Green Mile's place.


Does this tech collect momentos from all the women he has the pleasure of assisting? My house is pretty tidy and I collect a fair amount of books. I know my inventory. I know when they're out of place. Did he think I wouldn't notice my joy of a read replaced by an absolute disappointment of a novel? Does it not seem creepy to pick Hannibal of all books to "replace" my evening read with?

Yes, I checked my entire house, and my truck. Yes, I had my neighbor do the same for me to prove I didn'tmiss something. Yes, I called customer service. Yes, I regretfully admit to snapping at the poor representative who thought it was the perfect time to tell me about recent promotions that I should take advantage of while I was trying to file a complaint against a strange man.  Yes, I called back and got names of every rep I spoke with and got my ticket number for the complaint I filed.

I'm now completely uncomfortable in my own home and disappointed in Verizon's lack in honest, trustworthy employees. 

Atrocious first impression, Verizon. Honestly, shame on you. Good thing I didn't cancel my Spectrum account yet. 

Re: Fios Technician Stole My Book And I'm PO'ed
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Hi Meggletron,

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