Fios available to my neighbors but not to me
I just moved 2 weeks ago and I called verizon to get me set up at my new home. They told they will come in 3 weeks after my move. A week later they call me back and said Fios was not available to me. I used the a availability test thing the verizon offers to check if it is available to you. I did for my home address and it said it was not available, but when I tried my neighbors home address it said either they got verizon at there home or it is available for set up. Can someone please tell me why I can not get Fios if my neighbors can get it. I would love to has Fios at my new home.
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Re: Fios available to my neighbors but not to me
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I am having the same problem. I live at the end of a street. The road dead ends into my property. I have a larger lot and my neighbors on both sides of the street have Fios available, one has the service, and my house is listed as not available. the pole that the line is on is on the property line between my house and the neighbor that has it. I have been calling and emailing but no one is willing to respond with a real answer. I just get a canned response that there can be many reasons for this such as jurisdictions or right of ways etc. This is nonsense. I am the last home. The right of way extends into my property. After my house there is nothing but hundreds of acers of farmland. I am right next to the last available house. I need to meet the engineer who enters the information in the system but I cannot reach any one. The people on the 800 numbers have been a dead end and will not let me speak with anyone past them.

This is very frustrating. How do I reach a local office to talk to someone in person?