Fios available to neighbors but not me?

The map of coverage is literally across the street, and not even half a mile down there is coverage on my side of the street as well! This isn't a town line issue or anything, I don't understand why I can't have access to Fios! I would gladly give my money to Verizon to get rid of my terrible Internet service! I used to have Fios at my old address in the next town over, but I'm stuck with garbage here.

Is there any chance of getting Fios since it's available right across the road? Please? From an old customer who would love to come back?

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Verizon has halted buildout of fiber in most areas. I find it crazy that it is around you and across the street, but that area maybe overloaded with subscribers.

You could ask for a fast ticket here

they arebreal verizon representatives and the whole process is done via private exchange.

give it a try.