Fios: customer service!!

A Fios cable/internet package I got two years ago with discounts is set to expire the discounts next month, so I called and asked if I could downgrade my cable service (meaning, I was willing to lose channels) so my monthly charge would not increase once my discounts expire.

After being placed on hold for over 10 minutes while the Fios rep "researched options," I was told that I would have to pay MORE for a downgrade in my service. The rep told me that my "best option" is to downgrade to the most basic cable service they offer and lose a bunch of my channels, but that will cost me $25 MORE/month than my current discounted Extreme HD package. How on earth does a company offer a significant downgrade in service at a higher cost? I've never heard of anything so absurd! And the rep kept trying to push some new wireless router on me even though I said 10 times during our call that my internet works just fine and I don't want or need a new router. 

This is why your company is rapidly losing customers and is about to lose one more. Your customer service reps have NO IDEA what they're talking about and are just reading out of a manual instead of having a logical discussion. It's outrageous and insulting to your customers. 

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TV pricing only knows how to go up. Verizon's honoring rates for you which were based on older retail rates by sticking with the old package. Go to a Streaming provider and switch to the current retail pricing on Internet ($50 for 300Mbps). You might get a better price that way after you factor in DVR charges, Franchise fees, Taxes, and Set Top Boxes.

I personally use DirecTV Stream, which is a bit more on the expensive side, but it has the best picture/audio quality, and has all of the channels I need to watch our local sports. Extra "Streams" are $5/m and it doesn't matter how many TVs I am signed into at home. As long as I don't exceed the stream count. A $50-70 streaming player with 5Ghz Wi-Fi is all you need. Considering Set Top Box fees, pays for itself within a year. DVR included, it's automatically "whole home" without extra charge. Channel numbers. On Demand. The Ability to rewind channels. All cloud based, so power outages or box changes don't cause you to lose recordings.