Fios install prep for a wired house; does MoCA negate ethernet use?
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I'm preparing for FIOS triple play and want to optimize my install. I've got coax and Cat x cables from 3 locations pre wired down to the plywood mount for the ONT. A previous (older) post suggested mounting the ONT and router on the board and jumping/connecting the ONT to the router then router out to the 3 Cat x locations and enabling ethernet on the ONT. Then run coax from the ONT to a splitter to the 3 coax locations. Also run coax from the router to the splitter to allow VOD/Guide info. Then phone line from ONT to block or central phone. This seems like a good way to bring seperate TV signal via coax and Internet signal via Cat x. 

My questions are:

1) Is this setup viable in 2018/19 or does MoCA negate the need for seprate Cat x and coax cables running data and TV signal seperately?

2) will the router in the basement reduce the WiFi signal?

3) Is there a way to configure this so the router can be located near one of the Cat x/Coax outlets upstairs instead of the basement? 

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Verizon uses ethernet for any internet speed now and coax still does get connected to router for VOD/Guide information.

Everthing you said in correct. ONT will be mounted to plywood. Router can be as well and ethernet cable can then be plugged into the LAN ports. Coax from ONT will go to cable splitter to connect to coax cables. 

Question 1

MoCA is just for the LAN connection for the STBs VOD/Guide. Ethernet will always be for WAN connection regardless of speed. So you will still need ethernet and coax. 

Question 2

Wifi signal may be an issue if router in basement. If wifi is bad with router in basement you can use one of the ethernets to feed a wireless AP. 

Question 3

You can run another ethernet to where you want to put the router then you can use the second ethernet to feed back down to basement to a switch to connect the other ethernet cables.