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My Fios Internet has been down since 1030 yesterday morning. Apparently contractors cut a cable on the main road going through town. Have Verizon wireless cell service and used my allotted high speed mobile hotspot limit to connect to my notebook for work. After using the allotted high-speed mobile hotspot connection The speed is reduced which doesn’t seem to work for my computer. Called Verizon wireless this morning and ask them to reset my high speed mobile hotspot account which normally would not reset until the end of the billing cycle. They said they could not even though Verizon Fios is the reason for my usage of the hot spot. They did offer me another hotspot plan for an additional $10 per month which makes no sense at all when I’m paying for service for Fios which I can’t even use. I wish that Verizon could be more responsive and helpful when so many people work at home and rely on Internet.

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