Fios is very Frustrating

Lately my Fios bill was going up because their services started to expire as to the coupons with like $10 taken off and etc so I decided to switch cable providers because I got tired of paying $250+ every month. Yesterday I spoke to a Verizon Rep and I explained to him the situation and that’s I’m making the Dicision to switch to another provider because Fios is too high and he told me the bill is getting high because the discounts are expiring and a few more will be expiring soon enough again and that’s hes sorry to see me go and etc but before I hung up I ask him maybe 3 times if I was good to go and the phone number would be transferred off smoothly and nothing to worry about he said yes not once did he mention anything about paying a cancellation fee.. today the new provider cAme and installed my service and when they left I gave  Verizon another call and double checked with them to make sure I wouldn’t be charged from here and forward with their services as I am no longer with them so the lady says yes but you also have to pay a $175 cancellation fee!! At that point I’m totally blindsided and said “come again “ and she said yeah because you cancelled with us there’s a $175 cancellation fee and then I questioned her why didn’t the other rep tell

me that yesterday ... I mean wouldn’t that be something definitely mentioned to a customer before they make a final decision ?!! And her response was because”  it’s not his job too” I mean what do you mean It’s not his job too yes it is that’s something a customer should be aware of before they completely  make  decision cause I could tell you this if I knew that I wouldnve never left . Then she started to get kind of rude with me and then at the end she goes there’s nothing we can do to help you call the other service provider then call us back . We can’t help you goodbye ... for someone who works in customer service I have never in my life ever experienced unprofessionalism like that. If that’s how Fios treats their customers  For sure I will never come back to fios ever. I’m very dissatisfied and hope for the future the Customer service gets better and the customers feel like they’re actually valued 

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The point she was trying to say was "verizon did not have to tell you about the early termination fees" because it was told to you on getting your fios services on sign up. They also send this in a welcome email as with your discounts and dates they fall off.

its good to read and save those communications for your understanding later.

just pay the fee and lesson learned. If you were not on a contract and then charged that would be a different matter. No ETF on non contract customers 


I have the same issue and closed the account in one week but still got charged for the whole bill cycle.