Frustrated - FIOS not available after many years

I've been waiting for FIOS for many years, but am still being told it is not available in my specific apartment.  They won't tell me if it's available in my building, but they did say that it's possible that someone could have it above me and below me and I could not get it.  I know it's available in my neighborhood and in my zip code.  I am given no clear reason as to why I can't get it, except because of some government regulation and the big guns decide who gets it and who doesn't.  I've been a wireless customer for years and clearly can't understand why Verizon can't provide a service to some and not to others.  Can Verizon please explain and if I ever have a chance at FIOS.

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One possbibility is that your building will not allow them in.
Contact your landlord to ask if FIOS is available.


Although Fios is a great product and I can understand your wanting to get it, sometimes it is just a process of calling constantly (Verizon) tell them the situation and you may get a person to send you to the proper department.

if Fios is already in your building it would make no sense to exclude another potential customer so there has to be a reason Fios cannot install in your apartment.

if you live in NYC there is a regulation that makes Verizon make Fios available to you.

google it and see what it comes up with.