Full speed using my own router connected to ONT?

I have internet only through Fios (no TV).  My router (TP-Link M9 Plus) is connected directly to the ONT (I-211M-L) via an ethernet cable.  I was getting 100/100.  I had an invoice issue and needed to call Verizon.  When that was corrected, the rep offered me 200/200 for a little less than I was paying so I went with it.  I'm still only getting 100/100 (actually upper 80's to low 90's the last few tests).  I rebooted the router and the ONT a few times but no change.  I called Verizon and the rep said I need to use their router to get full speed?  I've been looking on the forums and it looks like the ONT I have should be capable of handling up to 1000/1000 if I wanted (and my router can handle even higher). Is there a workaround or a setting Verizon (or I) need to change so I can get the 200/200? Seems ridiculous to have to get only their router--I just got the M9 6 weeks ago.

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You don’t need their router at all.

what you need to do is first do a release of the dns (ip) then quickly unplug the customer owned router. After a few minutes you should power the router back on and it should refresh the dns.

now another thing you should do is make sure you are actually provisioned for the 200/200 speeds. Please note their is very little speed increase from 100/100 to 200/200.

you can and should be getting over 100/100 (120/140 maybe a little less) and (220/240 maybe a little less) On both speed tiers. Not less. Now speeds on wifi are not even close. Additionally verizon will not support any routers other than their own.

so only to the ONT.

dont take their router.