G1100 as Switch/AP after Edgerouter4

New here.  I'm wiring my whole home with Cat 6a and upgraded to FiOS 940/880, with TV and phone.

I just bought a Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 to use as my main router for the house and I'll have at some point a 802.11ax AP for wireless.  By writing my house, I'll take 10 devices out of the wireless signal chain.

Until I can save up the coin to buy a nice AP, I still have my G1100.  For whatever reason, when I try to get to use it in bridge mode, it won't pull an IP from the main router.  

I disable DHCP on the G1100, set the IP to, subnet, and plug ethernet from LAN on Edgerouter to WAN on the G1100.

Am I missing something for it not to work?



Re: G1100 as Switch/AP after Edgerouter4
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Community Leader

I have the same setup as you except my G1100 is configured that way a a MoCA adapter. I connect LAN to LAN though. See if that helps.