G1100: cannot get port forwarding to work except for VPN
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I configured my router in the past for remote VPN, it works fine. Now I'm trying to add a Plex server (port 32400) and cannot get it to work no matter how much hair I pull out of my head.

I set the security to low, as was suggested somewhere else (it was medium):


Now add the rule. I tried 32400 -> 32400, nothing, so tried 32399 -> 32400 to try something else. Using an external service the port doesn't respond (https://www.canyouseeme.org). I ran a port scanner on my LAN, 32400 shows up TCP. So I added another rule to see if https was there:


Here is the attempt to get to 443:

Screen Shot 2020-04-05 at 2.03.34 PM.png

What is just so crazy is that the VPN works! I unchecked the four boxes in the forwarding table, then Applied them, then tried again: VPN connect from iPhone on cellular data. So they do work, they just don't work for 32400 / 32399.

I read the manual section on Port Forwarding. I poked around in every setting on the Router I could find. Something is obviously wrong as no matter what I do I cannot get packets to flow.

Pointers would be most welcome!

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