G1100 stopped accepting 2.4ghz connections
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Randomly today my security cameras stopped working.  I noticed that the G1100 was no longer accepting 2.4 ghz connections


-Current firmware

-5ghz is enabled with a separate SSID and is working fine.

-I've tried various iterations of channel, including automatic (which it was set to before this started)

-I've restarted the router several times.  On restart, the 2.4 accepts connections, but then disconnects them a couple minutes later and devices can no longer connect, despite it showing with strong signal.

-2.4 shows as enabled in the admin tool.

-No new devices have been added to the network  in months.

-There is no google Chromecast or Home device on the network.

-There is nothing noteworthy in the logs that I can see

Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

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When you go to connect to a wifi network and you get the list, how many network show up as available for you?