G3100 Admin Page Why No Coax Connections?
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Recently installed the G3100. Ethernet WAN from the ONT. Coax from ONT to Coax WAN/LAN port on G3100.

I have 9 cable boxes receiving FiOS cable via Coax.

On the FiOS Home Router Admin Page / Network / Network Status Page, it shows 0 Coax Connected devices. Why would that be? With the prior router I had multiple Coax connected devices. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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I saw your post over at DSLR https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32678439-Router-G3100-Admin-Page-Why-No-Coax-Connected-Devices

Unknown if what an anon post's helps you or not, but here it is.

I had a hardtime making G3100 to recognize another MoCA device, until I played with the Privacy settings on the Coax Network (Home/Office) underlying device. To get there go to Network Connections -> Network (Home/Office) -> Coax (Underlying device) -> Settings.

Now, since I do not have cable boxes, I do not know how to sync the Privacy changes there.