G3100 - Changing device name in Network status does not work
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I just upgraded to fios gigabit internet with the new router G3100. I have about 30+ devices connecting to the network, both via wired and wireless connections. In the Network status details page, As most devices are listed with name "unknown-<Mac Addresss>", I used the drop down option to rename the device. I changed all the 30+ devices and was happy.

The next time the route rebooted after a few days, I realized that all the name definitions I made were lost. This is frustrating.

Is there a way to retain these device names, across a router reboot.

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I've recently moved into a G3100 and noticed this as well.  At first I thought it needed renaming once the devices switched from 2.4G to 5G but then again it also happened to those connected via ethernet.  I went ahead and assigned static IP's to my devices so I can easily identify them and it worked for a couple of days.  Logging in again today i saw they reverted back to the "unknown_[MACaddress]" names.  This is rather annoying.