G3100 Fios Home Router
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If the G3100 hooks up to the Verizon network through a LAN cable instead of coax does it need to still be a cable modem or can I now use any good compatible wifi router?

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FiOS does not use modems.  It uses routers.  The Verizon routers, G3100 included, are just routers with a few additional features.  These features include integrated MoCA, control from FiOS website and app, the ability for Verizon support to remotely mange and specific networking features for Verizon set-top-boxes.

You can use any router you want, however if you have Verizon set-top-boxes they don't work as well or at all with a non-Verizon router (depending on box model).  Further, Verizon doesn't provide any support past the ONT when a non-Verizon router is used.

If you don't have Verizon set-top-boxes, it's easy to use a non-Verizon router.  You'll likely not need Verizon support as FiOS is very reliable, but if you like having them available stick with a Verizon router or keep one around to plugin when needed.