G3100 Guest Network VLAN - suitable for wired devices, IoT devices, no cap observed
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Hi Everyone,

I am running a SonicWall NSV on my home network and it is owning my Verizon WAN IP. I want all traffic to pass thought the SonicWall for logging and packet inspection purposes. I was able to use my G3100 as an access point by changing the settings by going to Advanced -> Network Settings -> Network Connections -> Editing Network (Home/Office) -> Settings. Here I disabled IP Address Distribution (DHCP) and changed my routers IP to an IP on the SonicWalls subnet. This got my primary SSID to grab DHCP from the SonicWall.

However, the guest wireless was self assigning 169 addresses and DHCP requests were going unanswered when I authenticated to the SSID. Reading through this post, and the the post in the link at the bottom, helped me determine that the G3100 is using VLAN10 for the guest network. I added a guest network using VLAN10 on the SonicWall and I added VLAN10 tagged on my switch to the SonicWall. (in certain situations other users may need this to be untagged but for the purposes of an NSV it needed to be tagged.) Next I tagged my ethernet connection from the switch to the G3100 for VLAN10 and now DHCP requests are being answered! I have a single ethernet uplink from the switch with my LAN being untagged and the guest being tagged.

Thanks Everyone


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