G3100 How to lock-in specific radio channels?
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Is there a setting on G3100 to prevent it from changing channel assignment for 2.4, 5HGz1 and 5GHz2 bands?

I'm using the G3100 along with a separate access point (Unify U6-Lite) for wifi coverage. To avoid channel collision I've turned off channel optimization on the U6-Lite, but can't figure out how to prevent channel drift on G3100.

Recently ran into wifi problems and discovered the G3100 had reset 5 GHz1 band to same channel as U6-Lite.

How do I prevent the G3100 from changing channels and causing channel conflict in the future?

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Unless the two wireless access points are very close to each other, a "collision" should not occur, especially for higher frequency band, which attenuates fast over distance.

The Qualcomm radios in G3100 is capable of nearly gigabit (910Mbps) down and 660Mbps up on a single 2 x 2 WiFi 6 device in the same sight. G3100 also has 4x the radio density as U6 Lite. G3100 has 2: 4 x 4, whereas U6 Lite only has 1: 2 x 2.

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Thank you for your response.

Do you know if the VZ G3100 has a setting to lock in channel assignment and not try to optimize settings and subsequently change channels?

Again, this is a result of observing the G3100 changing channels to the same one used by the second access point in the house.