G3100 Port Forwarding Not Functioning
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I know I feel like this problem is being had millions of times around the Internet, but I can't seem to find the solution for it.  I want to port forward so I can enable remote access to my Plex server. I set both my "original port" and "fwd to port" as 32400. The protocol is TCP, I forward it to my computer's local IP address. UPnP is disabled, security is at the lowest setting for IPv4 and IPv6. My Windows Firewall is completely disabled (has been since I've had my PC), and I don't have any other protection software installed on my PC. My computer is connected through Ethernet.

Neither Plex nor sites like canyouseeme.org detect my port. Any ideas as to what can be wrong? Feel free to ask me for more information or screenshots if necessary.


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