G3100 and G1100 MoCa interoperability


I have Verizon Fios 1 Gig  Internet with no TB service. My G1100 connected to ONT by Ethernet cable. I have 3 more G1100 throughout the house connected to the primary router using MoCa to extend the network throughout the house.

If I upgrade my primary modem to G3100, will the rest of G1100s able to connect to it using MoCa? I recall that MoCa on G3100 was not compatible with MoCa on older Verizon Actiontec router, so I am afraid that if I upgrade my primary to G3100 it may be incompatible with my G1100s.

Appreciate your advice!

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Community Leader

G1100's MoCA is compatible with G3100's MoCA, although you would be capped at 500Mbps on each G1100.

G1100 is using BCM6803, unbonded MoCA 2.0

G3100 is using MxL3711, bonded MoCA 2.5