G3100 and Nest Hello
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Hi all

I recently upgraded from the old Action tech router to the G3100 because I had issues with a Nest Hello and assumed the router was outdated. When it arrived, I was able to completely connect again but that lasted maybe a week? Today I followed Nests troubleshooting suggestions and lowered firewall settings first. That didn't work. Then I turned off QOS. The combination worked and I was able to reconnect. I then thought maybe I can turn Firewall back to default medium level (block incoming). Once I turn that back to medium, camera stops working again. I was going to try DMZ however I don't see anywhere in this router to assign a specific IP based on MAC address to be able to set the DMZ. Nest Cameras seem to only work with DHCP as I have been unable to find a way to manually assign an IP from within the app.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm not leaving the entire network exposed to incoming traffic just for a doorbell. I also spent money on this doorbell and it's now useless. I don't know why this router wouldn't just be compatible with common smart home devices like a Nest doorbell. Seems odd... I cant find a way to check for firmware updates either...

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I thought the Google Nest Doorbell support remote viewing through UPnP. You should not need to adjust the Firewall settings but you do need to enable the UPnP on G3100. To assign static DHCP, you need to go to Advanced -> IP Address Distribution -> Connection List -> Add Static Connection (steps may vary for G3100, I am based on G1100).

I would not use UPnP though, I believe VPN tunneling is more secure to remotely access your home network (This is my belief.)