G3100 incompatibility with Google Home devices (hubs, speakers)
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There appears to be an issue with this router and Google Home devices. Sometimes I cannot access the settings page for the devices, and streaming to Google Home speaker groups is hit and miss. I have noticed that only speakers that are on the same WiFi band work. If I cast to two speakers that are both on 2.4 Ghz, then they both play. If I cast to the same devices, but switch one to 5 Ghz, then the one on 5 GHz no longer plays. It's almost as if there is some kind of AP isolation going on, but there is no option to disable this. Could also be related to IGMP which is what Google uses to play music on speaker groups.

I have tried SON on and off, and neither option works. The only way to have the devices work seamlessly is to have them all in 2.4 GHz, since some older Google Home devices only support 2.4 GHz. Please fix! The G3100 seems full of bugs that other consumer routers don't have.

Model: G3100
Hardware: 1103

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I'm running into similar issues with my G3100 to the point where I just unplugged it and replaced it with my old Asus WiFi 4 router for now...

Casting to Chromecast or Google Home devices is hit or miss even though they all seem to be connected.


Same issue. Can't connect my Chromecast at all to wifi through the Google Home app. My phone, fire stick, and TV connect just fine. But, I can't connect my Chromecast even after several factory resets, rebooting the router, and other attempts at getting it to work. I just switched from Optimum and had no issues connecting my Chromecast to wifi. 

Need a fix quickly!