G3100 vs Verizon app port forwarding
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I set up a small voip pbx at home for my home office.  I needed to open ports on the router. I've done this before on plenty of systems.


So I logged into the router and added the ports to the G3100 and set it up the way I am familiar.  Seems to be ok.

Today I checked the horrible Verizon app to see what it would show -- yep, there is a port forwarding section.  But all of the rules I made were gone!

So using the APP, I re-recreated the rules.  It's a total of 8 rules.  I used different names for the rules because it's my phone and I don't have a proper keyboard.  10 minutes on my PC, but 45 on my phone.

Later I logged back into the router to see if the rules are still there THE ORIGINAL RULES I SET UP ARE THERE, AND THE APP RULES ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  W T H?

Then I logged back into the APP and the ORIGINAL rules are again gone, and the RULES I SET UP WITH THE APP ARE THERE.

Has anyone dealt with this?  I am literally inches from throwing this device into the trash.  Verizon has done a horrible job.

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