Gaps in Service. Possible job loss.
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I am moving apartments in a couple of weeks and have reached out to Verizon support via phone, via email, and via chat.

All of them offer support to move my service from my current address to my new address (which I could do easily online), but the issue is none of them offer an idea of when the service at the new place could be connected.

They all said I am not eligible for self-install. I even offered to take a different package just so self-install would be an option, and still no luck.

I can't go without internet for an undetermined amount of time. My job requires me to be online, and I will be laid off if I lose internet for days or weeks at a time.

Anyone had luck getting options during COVID from Verizon? I would love them to ship me a ONT and allow self-install. Or at the worst provide a hotspot free of charge for the interim.

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It really is a case by case basis. Verizon doesn’t ship out ONTs, there has to be an ONT already installed jn the apartment. The previous tenant might not of had FiOS so there might not even be a fiber in the apartment. Another issue is that older ONTs are limited to 75 mbps so if you speed is higher you will automatically need a new ONT. Your best bet is hopefully the apartment has an ONT and Verizon can change you speed to 75/75 which will allow for a self install.
You can also see if @VerizonSupport on Twitter or VZ Direct at can help. They provide better support than a basic phone rep.

If that doesn’t pan out you might have to look into a mobile hotspot or go with the local cable company which a self install would be more feasible.