Gateway G1100 router not purchased from Verizon.

Just for information, after switching to Verizon FIOS from cable, I purchased a router (G1100) on ebay. Found out it has Frontier firmware, was able to return. Then purchased one that was guaranteed to have Verizon Firmware, which is does, however older firmware, I thought Verizon pushed the firmware when rebooting. But since I did not get it from them, no firmware updates. Everything works, on-demand, Internet, phone all of the TV channels. However, caller ID does not work. Spent 45 minutes on phone with support, by the way the support was great. The bottom line, Caller ID, Whole Room DVR and any other special features will not work, unless the router is purchased or rented from Verizon. This is absolutely outrages, $149.99 for a router you can get anywhere for under $100, (I paid $75) or rent it for $10 a month for 24 months. absurd. If I was not in a 24 month contract would go back to cable. I can live without the caller ID, but was hoping for the all room DVD. Guess after my 24 months I will look elsewhere.  Yes I know I could probably use my own router with the Verizon one and get things to maybe work. But don't want to go thru that set up. I have been with Verizon Wireless also for many years, this may result in them loosing a customer.

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If customer service told you that you “must use or buy their routers” they are lying to you. It’s just a ploy to make you buy theirs.

the firmware normally updates to the router in certain order. May not happen right away. You could just release dhcp unplug the Quantum router and then plug it back in. Then see if it updated. If not then push in the reset button and put it back to original use. Again see if that fixes the firmware issue.

lastly if you have not been a customer for 30 days you can get out of contract with the Verizon total customer satisfaction guarantee (look at your terms of service) if after 30 days you can have cable pay the early termination fees like Fios does for new customers jumping from cable.