Getting FiOS

I'm in a location that FiOS isn't available, unfortunately.  But there are all kinds of tv commercials and adverts for getting it.  Why advertise in places where it's not available unless you're planning on laying cables for it?  

I refuse to get DSL, but am getting fed up with the local cable (Cox).

Are there plans for laying new lines in Hayes, VA, so we can take advantage of the service???

Re: Getting FiOS

This is just blanket advertising. Verizon and other companies give their ad agency a set territory to show their commercials. In this case your area may not get it yet, but there are areas that are cabled for fiber optics. Hence the commercials.

in my area they show commercials for money mutual which cannot do business in NY due to banking laws on predatory lending. Yes 65% intrerest is predatory.

they also show  commercials for a fast food chain that is not even in our area.