Getting a Fraction of 1-Gig Service

I signed up for a new contract and had a Verizon technician out yesterday because the speed tests on my devices were a fraction of the 1-Gig Service on my contract.  The kicker here is the technician came to my house to check for 1-Gig service with a device that can only verify up to 300/300 mbps.  Well, the results were the router is receiving 380 mbps.  Am I ever going to verify that my house is receiving 1-gig service?  My devices are receiving between 100-250 mbps while hard wired, while testing on Verizon's speed test site.  Please help.

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this certainly needs to be escalated to VZ support - anything less than ~700 or so is a problem. Could be just the speed setting on the system, problem with the ONT/cabling/whatever. Especially if its confirmed the router is receiving 380.

BTW, what about getting a speed test wired directly to ONT (before the router) - what happens then?