Getting additional hard wired ethernet connections
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I would like to have more than the 4 hardwired connections on the existing MI424WR.  I have an old router from when I was on cable.

Is there a simple way to "daisy chain" the routers to get additional ports?

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Try wiring it from lan port to lan port with an ethernet cable....
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remembering to then turn off the dhcp server on the second router, letting the first router in the chain do it
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You can definetly piggy back your second router

Quick thing to remember. the action tech uses ip scheme,  it is good if you second router does not us the same ip pooling scheme if, if it does you will have shut the DHCP off on one the second, 

-->Now the Wiring Setup

-->This is second Router so you will have Connection a Wire from Verizon Lan (Yellow Ports)  to the Second Router's WAN (Not Lan this is not a hub)

-->I have also found when you use 2 separate ip scheme,  ip conflicts are not likely to happen,  managebility each gate ip is different enough,

I personally have Actiontech and DeLink (Mimo) In my house and it worked Great No speed is compromise with the extra Router

Good Luck


1. If your second router is set up to get a WAN address from DHCP, you can plug your second router's WAN port into the LAN port of the Actiontec. Remember that you will have two different subnets and things will not talk back and forth. I have my Actiontec with wireless, network printer, and second router pluged into it. Wireless uses printer but can not get into my private network on the second router.

2. Use of the switch on the spare router will require that you make sure the routers default lan address is not, or what ever your active router is using. Also DHCP must be disabled.

To change the address on the extra router, you will need to connect it to your PC without the other router connected. Then login and change it to something else on the same network, so you can log into both the active router, and also the one where you are only using the switch. This is important to prevent address conflicts between routers.

Be sure if you change the router address, make it something that is not being issued by DHCP on your router connected to the ONT.

3. Buy a cheap 10/100 switch if you need more then 4 ports.

4. Buy a better Gigabit switch for your PCs, and then put stuff like wireless and printers on the Actiontec.

Just some ideas

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