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Hi everyone,

Just had Fios installed at my home with the Quantum Gateway G1100. Unfortunately, the way the house is built, the internet box is on the third level of my home and the only cable that runs downstairs is a coax cable from the internet box in the master closet to the living room where the TV is. The home builders did not run an ethernet cable down to the TV area which is where I want the broadcast of the internet to be becasue I do not get WiFi on my first level. I would rather not have a network extender.

Is the best way to do this is with a ethernet to coax converter and make the G1100 just a modem (turn off router function) and install a router with coax on the main level? Would a powerline adapter work? Any other options? 


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You can't turn off the router function in the G1100. The easiest thing would be to get a FiOS network extender(FNE). The coax can connect directly to it and it has 2 ethernet ports to hardwire something. It will also eliminate that need for a second device. It will clone you G1100 wifi so you will have coverage everywhere. 

If you hook up a second router that creates a double NAT which causes issues for things like VPNs, gaming, and port forwarding.

If you really don't want the FNE then yes a coax to ethernet converter would work. You could the  plug that into a WAP ( wireless access point) which is not a router and will eliminate a double NAT. The one I use is the AC lite from Ubiquiti. It has way better range than a lot of residential routers like Linksys and Netgear.