Getting my strong signal out of my basement

I’ve just moved into a new house and my FIOS router is in my basement. The wi-fi signal in the rest of the house was weak so I bought a NETGEAR Nighthawk range extender. 

When I’m in the basement and run a speed test, it’s about 300Mbps. Upstairs through the range extender it’s only about 30Mbps. 

Any suggestions for how to get a better speed in the upstairs part of the house? Should I try to run an Ethernet cable from the router up into the house and connect it to something that would put out a stronger signal? Thanks for any advice. 

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Community Leader
Community Leader

What router do you have G3100? The $299 is wasted if you cannot get WiFi signal out of it. Try to purchase a G1100 on Ebay for $70 instead.

Do you have coax wiring to upstairs? If so, you can buy Verizon MoCA wireless bridges.