Getting online fios ordering discount and porting local service

Having issues try to figure out who to contact at FIOS so that I can get the full on-line ($10/mo) self ordering discount for triple play and also get my local phone number ported to VZ.   I want to keep my current local number thats now on twisted copper wiring.  I want the number moved to FIOS voice.   My local service is from another carrier that rents the copper line to my house from VZ.  

Note - The fios online tool says my number can't be transferred by the tool but federal regs say VZ must do it.    

Who can place this order and still get me the full $10 promo since I can't do the ordering myself on-line.    Need an answer greater than call the VZ CSSC - they say they can't give me the discount if they do the FIOS triple play order.


Re: Getting online fios ordering discount and porting local service

I was going to say call but you don’t want that so the best I can tell you is to first contact the and file an online complaint.

now that takes time. In most states there is a department of public service or utilities commission. It is this agency that will tell you the law on number portability. However there are disclaimers that say not all lines are portable. This may be the case here.

you could go online and sign up for a double play of Internet & TV which would be cheaper in most cases.

You could buy a voip service like Magic Jack and have your number ported to them to preserve it. I have VOIPo and Magic Jack which plug into my router for service. MagicJack is about $35 for the go device with 6-12 months of service free. VOIPo costs me $185 for two years includes taxes and fees and my number was ported for Free.

Dont use nettalk or Ooma both of which will rob you blind.after you have removed phone go back to the web and select the double play and see what discounts you are able to receive.

Re: Getting online fios ordering discount and porting local service
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Try calling to order service.

Ask them if they can port and give you the discount.

If can't give discount, ask them how to port while placing order online.