Giga byte signal issue

I have a giga byte fios but barely I got 100 or 120 Mb signal . My router is in my basement . Is there anything Verizon can do to fix the customer issue ?

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Just call 1-800-VERIZON between 8 AM till 5 PM EDT and speak to an American agent. Not those others from foreign countries and ask to have proper provisioning done to your speed tier.

your router speed to your home and to the Verizon servers should be 940/880 makes no difference about your device speeds which may never reach that speed even if it’s high end. WiFi speeds are never guaranteed so don’t let that sway you.

very simple.

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Verizon has yet to offer "giga byte" FiOS (that would be nice though). What FTTx technology are we looking for? XGS-PON? 😄

Let me clarify for you. A byte is 8 bits. In networking, products and services are typically marketed as …megabits per second (Mbps) or …gigabits per second (Gbps). FiOS Gigabit is 1 Gbps. One gigabyte is 8 Gbps, which is only achievable by certain commercial ISP's 10 Gbps service.

You said you are only getting 100-120 Mbps "signal," do you mean wireless, that is, over the WiFi? If you are using wireless protocol 802.11n, it is possible you are only pulling 100-120 Mbps on WiFi, otherwise, your device may be slow or the incoming FiOS connecting is misconfigured. On the side note, what router/access point do you have? A G3100 or a G1100?

To test your real subscription speed, connect an ethernet cable directly from the ONT to a gigabit NIC-enabled computer. Run the speed test on your computer and you should get a reading fairly accurately given your computer is capable of receiving and transmitting gigabit of data per second.