Gigabit Upload speed Drop 10/4/18

I have had fios gigabit service for a few months and just recently started to have consistant upload speed drops. Now I know its impossible to reach the max speed of the service at all times, but the last month or so, I noticed that my upload speed on my Xbox or PS4 would drop from 400mbps( where it seemed to max now after the first couple of months) to 35mbps. This would seem to be decent enough to work with, but I would notice a issue with things like gaming, or streaming videos ( such as lag, youtube thumnail image loss on PS4, and buffering.) 

The first thing I thought was maybe too much traffic on my network. but even this morning with noone else home and only one device on at a time it will range around the 100 to 200 mbps. Yet the DL stays consistent at around the 700 mbps mark. 

The night before I tried to use Verizons speed test online and the test would not work at all. So I tried again this morning and it stated that it Failed the connection test between my router and Verizon's network, but passed the test between my router and my device which is a laptop on a wired connection.

I then called the Verizon Line and the bot that answers the call tried to run a test which lasted a few minutes before telling me it was going to transfer me to a rep.  Then I received the message that they are experiencing a high volume of calls.

So as I wait to possible get a return call, I just wanted to post this to see if this is just a personal issue or local or just a problem in general. I am in Washington DC. 


Re: Gigabit Upload speed Drop 10/4/18

That would be hard to call. Could be many factors. Bad router, bad ONT a central office provision issue. Only tech support can test it out.

i hooked up the Quantum and my results are below.


940/880 is what Fios says up to speeds should be. They say they can do better but it’s more than adequate for 22 devices all running at the same time.