Gigabit questions before I commit to return to FIOS

I used to have FIOS until Verizon spiked my monthly charge without notice in 2016 and wouldn’t offer a discount until I went with my local cable company. It was too late when they offered a price that I would have stayed.  Being away from FIOS for about two years, I do have some questions primarily with their Gigabit offering.   I used to have the 75/75 speed.

From what I understand, Gigabit requires Ethernet, but I only have a cable connection to where I want to use the G1100 (which I still have) for Gigabit internet.  Will I need to tell Verizon that they need to change my wiring to add Ethernet, where there was just coax before?  Is this considered part of the standard setup?

Are there any problems with using a non-Verizon VPN, i.e. NORDVPN?

I'll be using an Orbi system for WIFI and I will connect it to the G1100 (wifi shutdown) and use the Orbi in AP mode.  Is it possible to have a DD-WRT or Open WRT device in between the FIOS router and the Orbi?  I would shut down wireless on everything but the Orbi, and use the WRT device for whole house VPN capability and an enhanced firewall.   I know I will need to ensure the routers all have different IP addresses. 

Are there any issues with using a Dynamic DNS service like No-IP-DDNS with FIOS?

Anyone experiencing issues with any streaming service, especially NHL.TV and MLB.TV?  At one point, Verizon was throttling bandwidth at the Tier 1 and 2 interchanges with content providers.  I saw the impact on MLB.TV?  Are there any recent experience with Verizon causing issues with throttling bandwidth from certain content providers?  

Thanks in advance.

Re: Gigabit questions before I commit to return to FIOS
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Most likely you probably have the older ONT that doesn't support the Gig so they will come out upgrade that and run ethernet. But just to be safe it doesn't hurt to mention it. 

Sometimes people complain on here about using VPN with the G1100 but if you will be internet only you can use the Orbi or any other router and don't even use the G1100 at all. I'm just assuming the DD-WRT can also be the primary or you put that on LAN side or router. Either way you won't need to use the G1100. 

I use a variety of streaming services with the G1100 and a Ubiquiti router and never had any issues is years.