Google Nest WiFi router w Fios

I recently moved into an apartment that had some legacy Verizon Fios equipment, but no router. I purchased a Google Nest WiFi router but I’m having trouble setting it up (says No Internet Connection). I checked a number of forum posts but nothing seemed appropriate to my situation. 

For reference: the current setup is for Fios Internet (not TV). There’s two black Verizon boxes, I believe to be ONT. they’re connected to Fiber and there’s an Ethernet cable running out of one. No Coax involved so I don’t think there’s a modem (nor should it be req for Fios?)

I’ve tried setting up the Nest by plugging in the Ethernet into WAN port, but I’m getting the No Connection issue at the late stages of setup. I don’t have a computer with Ethernet port to test the connection out of ONT directly. Unfortunately contacting Verizon for support is not successful. Thank you in advance for you help!

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