Google Nest Wifi and/or GS3100

I just had Fios installed, including a GS3100 Router, but I also happen to have a Google Nest WiFi with three 2 additional points. Our upstairs is getting just OK wifi while our downstairs (where the GS3100 is located) has blazing fast wifi. I'm wondering what I should do. 

1. Should I replace the GS3100 with the Google Nest Wifi and set up the mesh network? 

2. Is there a way to connect (bridge?) the GS3100 with the Google Nest Wifi and then set up a mesh from there? Should I do that or is it silly because then what is the GS3100 doing that's of value?

3. Something else?

Info: we just have Fios internet and do not currently have any other services (TV, phones or anything). 

I'm open to ideas, am fairly tech savvy, but don't know all the technical terms or abbreviations. 

Any help would be enormously appreciated. 

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G3100 has 802.11ax WiFi 6, Google Nest WiFi is only 802.11ac WiFi 5. WiFi 6 is almost a time faster than WiFi 5 on average consumer device (except enterprise APs).

You can bridge the Google Nest WiFi to G3100. You need to change Google Nest to different static IPs other than the G3100's, and turn its DHCP server off. Then connect an Ethernet cable between a LAN port of the G3100 to the LAN port of Google Nest.

I don't know where you got the Google Nest. I recommend official Verizon extenders over third-party products.